Capyac, Cool Company


Cool Company

Thu · May 17, 2018

11:59 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

Capyac is a surreal dance act made up of one half swamp baby (P. Sugz), one half mechanical trash diva (Potion). To question the origins of the band is to ponder the origin of humanity itself. When founding member Potion stumbled upon the name, half-conscious on his bedroom floor at 3 a.m., it was nonsense, much like the primordial soup from which life on this planet emerged. Soon after, he performed his first show at the 2014 closing party of Wardenclyffe Gallery (birthplace of dematerialism). It was that summer in the sensuous milieu of youth and self discovery that Potion asked P. Sugz to joined the band. And from that moment it was a flurry of late night sets and caffeine filled studio debauchery.

The duo began to sculpt a unique sound out of their diverse musical backgrounds. They gained notoriety online after their debut EP Movement Swallows Us in 2015, followed up by releases on Lavish and Crosswalk Records. Their full-length album Headlunge was released summer 2016, and was followed by an extensive US/European tour.

In January 2017 the duo released the song “Cloud” with French label Crosswalk Records, which, despite having no actual references to clouds, elevated their reach extensively in Europe, Korea, and Japan. February saw the release of their second EP Fis, which their manager Samosa Jones described as “a dark and swampy romper, sad and alone, meets the clean-cut hero of a Jodorowsky film.”

2017 has been referred to by many experts as "The Year We Heard About Capyac," with appearances at Austin City Limits, Euphoria Music Festival, South By Southwest, and Red Bull Sound Select. The live act often features multiple accompanying musicians and is marked by a mix of intricate orchestration and improvisation, as well as a repertoire spanning hip hop, house music, jazz, samba, and disco.

In 2018, the duo released an 8-track EP entitled "Who Is Donny Flamingo?" The release party was the largest self-promoted show the group had produced, with 750 in attendance. That show featured a 12-piece live band and a comedic appearance from famous producer Donny Flamingo himself. The duo shows no signs of stopping, despite being asked to stop what they're doing often.

In fact, on the matter of stopping, the duo had this to say:

"What is this? What the f*ck are you talking one reads bios. Lemme finish my coffee in peace..."
Cool Company
Cool Company
The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the company you keep. And,everybody wants to keep cool company. So, perhaps there’s no more appropriate name for a band whose music seems to be universally enjoyed.

Cool Company is an independent Future R&B duo comprised of dynamic vocalist, Cool Yan, and multi-instrumentalist/producer, Fat Matt. By seamlessly blending elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Funk and Soul, Cool Company has been able to strike a remarkable balance between mellow serenades and funkified grooves. And, with millions of streams on Spotify, the band is just starting to get the attention they deserve.

New Jersey natives, Yan and Matt both discovered a passion for music at notably young ages. While Yan was marveling at his hard-earned Panasonic shelf stereo system, Matt was listening to Stevie Wonder and Pure Funk compilations with his father.

Influenced by artists like Outkast, Frank Ocean, and Childish Gambino, Cool Company has been writing non-stop since dropping their album Slice of Paradise in October of
2016. The band’s The Dose Pt. 1 EP is slated for release in 2018, with a Pt. 2 arriving in 2019, which find Yan and Matt expanding their newfound musical territory.

“I think our fans will be pleasantly surprised by the new direction without being too nostalgic for our old sounds,” shares Yan.

“We always make sure to hold ourselves to the same bar of catchiness and accessibility even while exploring new aural territories. We strive to be genre innovators.”
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1031 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY, 11211