Adir L.C.

Adir L.C.

SAGE, Doctor B

Thu · February 1, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


Adir L.C.
Adir L.C.
Adir L.C.'s most recent release, "Oceanside Cities" was written in various coastal cities and recorded in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. Adir grew up in Glen Rock, NJ and started playing music with his best friend Cameron Wisch (Porches., Cende) in the same basement show scene that spawned acts like Real Estate and Titus Andronicus. After high school, Adir began a new chapter in New Paltz, NY where he was a strong influence in building the new indie scene as a musician and promoter. After a few years of traveling and living overseas, he has recently returned to New York where he lives with his friends and fellow musicians at the DIY show hose 'David Blaine's the Steakhouse'.

"For all its complicated, multi-city birth story, Oceanside Cities is anything but a casual freak-folk travelogue; it is indie-orchestral, dynamic in its arcs, epic in its song forms and its flourish-filled arrangements, as Adir fully realizes the balance of confessional folk intimacy and broad pop ambition that his writing has always hinted at. In its blend, it is as easy to hear his love of the seminal guitar rock of Pavement and Built to Spill as it is to hear his parents' extensive folk collection and his delight in buoyantly tuneful British Invasion pop."

Crowd-sourced, self-actualized and defiantly indie in the lost sense of that word, Oceanside Cities was released on Adir's own Dinky Pops Records in November.
The Bushwick-based band SAGE plays Dor Sage’s original music. Influenced by 90’s distortion sound and the group’s jazz background. Lead vocalist Sage Invites the audience to a mesmerizing journey, delivered in tenderness and passion.

Dor Sage - voice, synth, lyrics and music
Boaz Marva - guitar
Philip Ambuel - bass
David Jimenez - drums
Doctor B
Doctor B is a live electronic trio playing both vocal and instrumental music of explosive, untamed and unyielding nature. Guitarist Omer Berger, keyboardist Micha Gilad and drummer/vocalist/producer Daniel Bloch have joined forces to create an album-like live experience, ranging from lyrical songs to destructive beats.
Venue Information:
1031 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY, 11211