Mike Nigro, Hiccup, Vacation Jason, Leaves, JZT and the Can You Be

Mike Nigro


Vacation Jason


JZT and the Can You Be

Tue · November 7, 2017

8:00 pm


Hiccup is a 3 piece rock 'n roll band from Brooklyn, NY. Hiccup combines pop melodies with vocal harmonies and a buzzsaw distortion that one sound engineer complained "sounds like bees." Hiccup will waste half of practice gossiping if they don't focus.

Alex (The Chris Gethard Show) on guitar & vox. Hallie (The Unlovables, The Chris Gethard Show) on bass & vox. Piyal (New Oldies) on drums.
Vacation Jason
Vacation Jason
Vacation Jason is the worlds #1 Vacation expert. But what does that mean? Simply put, he's on vacation all the time. And he's good at it.
Venue Information:
1031 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY, 11211