Merc Yes BKGD Audio Orka Parts 1+2 Gutnose and Planet_A

Merc Yes

Kervio, Okra, Bkgd Audio

All Ages
Merc Yes BKGD Audio Orka Parts 1+2 Gutnose and Planet_A Thu, Jun 6, 2019 7:30 PM

London and Nordic label Kervið Records is crossing the Atlantic to celebrate its sixth release from Harlem’s Merc Yes ‘Ooh You’re Like The Sun’ at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn, New York. It will be a fun night of bass and beats.

Merc Yes will be delving into his melting pot of global bass music in which Ooh You’re Like The Sun was forged. Hypnotic, yet playful and even a little cartoonish he is grounded in bass heavy post disco while venturing into his own unique directions experimenting with sounds and rhythms.

BKGD Audio plays a unique fusion of classic NYC dance music mixed with sounds and vibes drawn from various burgeoning club styles and haunted by sonic ghosts from his spaced out past with revolutionary hip hop outfit dälek.

ORKA dates back more than a decade, when they started crafting handmade instruments out of agricultural tools. ORKA has since created a bold electronic sound that has earned them two nominations for the Nordic Council Music Prize. On the night ORKA will be curating from the Kervið Records catalogue.

Sweat Equity is a bespoke music service offering customized dancefloor solutions and uniquely raw experiences.

On the night Sweat Equity co-presents Styles Upon Styles alum Gutnose and Planet_A for a collaborative set mixing spoken text and that deep tripper shit.

Parts 1+2 is the collaborative project of Sweat Equity co-founders Andrew Nerviano (Plebeian) and Dan Creahan (Alien D), blending together the pair’s personal approaches towards techno and electronic music at large.

Venue Information:
1031 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211