KnowMads, ManKind, beautiful.

KnowMads, ManKind, beautiful.

All Ages
Thursday October 11th Live at Sunnyvale.






Born one day apart, Northwest hip hop duo KnowMads began their movement over a decade ago and have been cultivating one of the most diehard independent followings in the region ever since. They began making music purely out of love, as their passion grew, so did their fan base.

Tom Pepe and Tom Wilson went to rival high schools in Seattle where their infamous rap battles during football games were often more of a spectacle than the game itself. Wilson had a makeshift studio in his attic where they produced their first songs; their recording booth was made out of two old mattresses. For years they casually competed with each other, ultimately finding their cadence together; expressing themselves thru a sound that Hip Hop DX has described as, “somewhere between Atmosphere and D12.”

They released their first album, self-titled KnowMads, as juniors in high school and followed up with their 2009 LP, SEATTLE, selling over 5000 copies and creating a global awareness that follows them to this day. Their third LP, The KnewBook (2012) landed at #7 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts, solidifying their grassroots movement.

For the past three years KnowMads worked exclusively with Los Angeles-based producer Peter Lee Johnson, who created some of the most infectious melodies behind Ty Dolla Sign, Big Sean and Post Malone. Johnson laid the sound for KnowMads last album, Knew School, as the sole instrumentalist, reminiscent of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Knew School has amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify alone.

Their significant online presence, including over 75,000 monthly Spotify listeners, has brought forth opportunities to open for Macklemore, Chance The Rapper and landed them slots at major music festivals such as Bumbershoot and Sasquatch!

In 2017, KnowMads headlined their first tour, performing in 15 cities on the West Coast. Succeeding this venture, in Spring 2018, KnowMads traveled overseas and toured around Europe, drawing fans from London to Berlin. This Fall, KnowMads will be touring across the United States, showcasing their new album Complex Animals, which is slated to release the first week of October.

Their project is called Complex Animals to reflect that as the dominant species, humanity must account for its role in creating and destroying the world. Perhaps the world isn’t the way it’s “supposed to be” or how “god intended” but rather the direct result of human beings’ often-shortsighted choices. In a generation looking at their phones for answers, KnowMads are on a mission to raise society’s self-awareness through their practical wisdom, humor and social critique.

Complex Animals, produced primarily by KnowMads’ original producer Jester, has a "West Coast Dilla" vibe. It's for the hip hop believer, who feeds off their headphones and still listens to their favorite classic albums, regardless of the trends. KnowMads aren't attempting to make something of the past, nor are they stuck in an Instagram world, chasing the trap sound. They've moved beyond the critics in order to stay light and authentic. Striving simply to make music they love, they've created what their fan base and hibernating hip hop heads have been waiting for.

Venue Information:
1031 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211