High Falls / Cushions / Erotica / Jenna Felice

High Falls / Cushions / Erotica / Jenna Felice

All Ages
Jenna & the Janes (Solo), Erotica(NJ), Cushions, High Falls

Gonna Gig Down on a MONDAY

Jenna & the Janes (Solo) - https://jennasmith.bandcamp.com/album/dusty-rose

Played a show with her once and it was awesome

Erotica(NJ) - https://erotica.bandcamp.com

Found them on Instagram and their tracks remind me of flippin stereolab. I'm pleased as punch.

Cushions - https://cushions.bandcamp.com/

They played a show at OWL a couple months back and my face melted. Still haven't recovered but it was absolutely worth it.

High Falls - https://highfalls.bandcamp.com

I (colin) Play in this band and we're pretty dang fun and like shouting.

Venue Information:
1031 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211