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Shonen Knife, Yucky Duster, The Prits

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Apr 29, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Apr 29, 2017 @ 11:30pm



Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife is a Japanese pop punk band formed in Osaka, in 1981. Heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups, pop bands, The Beach Boys, and early punk rock bands, such as the Ramones, the trio crafts stripped-down songs with simplistic lyrics sung both in Japanese and English. Despite their pop-oriented nature, the trio maintains a distinctly underground garage rock sound rooted in edgy instrumentation and D.I.Y. aesthetics, which over the course of their long career has earned them a solid, worldwide cult following and made avid fans out of seminal 1990s alternative rock bands such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and Redd Kross. The band has been credited with making "the international pop underground more international" by "opening it up to bands from Japan". - Wikipedia

The Prits

Raw rock n roll/ punk music reminiscent of the Ramones and others. Stripped down songwriting and catchy hooks, brings it's listener back to another time. No coincidence their bandcamp releases both jokingly say they were release in the 70's.

Jhon Grewell- Vocals Ed Chittenden- Bass Devon Nelson- Guitar Nick Rogers- Guitar/Vocals Jed Smith- Drums

Yucky Duster

Maggie and Madeline started Yucky Duster with the idea to play fun, 60s- and punk-inspired tunes with only two instruments—Maggie on bass and Madeline on drums. They eventually added Luca Balser (The Gradients / Gummy), and, months later, Zack O'Brien (Slonk Donkerson) on guitar. Four dusters, one band.


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