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Rock of July! w/ Stuyedeyed, Combo Chimbita, Flower Girl…

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Jul 4, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Jul 4, 2017 @ 10:00pm




Stuyedeyed is Nelson, Humberto, Andrea, and Luis. They are from Brooklyn, NY. They make music to make you uncomfortable with yourself.

Combo Chimbita

groovy, rootsy, island sounds from NYC.

Holly Overton with Midnight People

Holly Overton is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and painter based in Brooklyn, NY, native to the Outer Banks, NC. Her involvement in bands (MPHO, Juniper Rising, Dumb Wolves) and cameo appearances (The Men, Dream Police, Young Planet) has evolved into a musical career elevated by the appreciation of sharing creative energy. She performs with full band as Holly Overton with Midnight People, starring Russell Hymowitz on Bass, Marty Martier on drums, Paul Blackwell on lead guitar. Their sound is driving island-y rock'n'roll with conscious means by a group of fervent creators dictated by emotional release and expression. Overton is constantly exploring and absorbing the rhythms of New York City’s melting pot of music, informing her own sounds. If not jamming or performing with her incredible bandmates, she is taking mbira lessons, dancing at Reggae / Dancehall DJ nights, watching drum circles in Prospect Park, absorbing Cumbia punk bands' ideologies, and exploring Harlem nights.

The Mad Doctors

Three bearded, lab-coated creeps strung out on a dumpster beach, hi-fiving the sun. Two parts fuzz, one part reverb, and a jigger of formaldehyde.

Flower Girl

A jumble of slippery sweet country-bumble jangles, catchy hooks and sincere refrains, these kids charm their way into your stereo and onto your couch. Like the warm fuzzy feel of newly-washed sheets or the first cool sip of a slurpee on the fourth of July, Flower Girl satiate that nagging need for something simple and heartfelt. Go ahead, let them eat your leftovers, they deserve it.


Def.GRLS invented space (outer). Def.GRLS smell like plastic. Def.GRLS are a lo-fi schizophrenic beach party glitter monster...

Shining Mirrors

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Shining Mirrors create music under the rock umbrella


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