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LSDXOXO, AceMo, Nargiz, Ase Manual

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May 12, 2017 @ 11:55 pm
May 13, 2017 @ 4:00am




LSDXOXO is a 24 year-old Producer & DJ from New York, by way of Philadelphia. He’s known for taking mainstream music and flipping it for underground appeal, as well as his eclectic curation of collaborations with other artists. He’s been described as “deliciously confrontational” by The Fader, and with project titles like “Softcore” and “Whorecore” one could understand why. While he’s often referred to as mysterious and low-key, mentions from Pitchfork, Dazed & Confused, THUMP magazine, and The Fader, as well as 16,000+ followers on soundcloud, prove that his music is all but subtle. LSDXOXO has recently been recruited by New York’s very own Venus X as an agent in helping to usher in the new era of her brand GHE20G0TH1K, and can frequently be seen djing her parties. With a number of new projects on the way, and an ever-growing global fanbase, LSDXOXO is proving himself to be more than just an underground club-kid.


AceMo is a DJ and Producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He has released music on labels like Bootleg Tapes and Allergy Season.


Nargiz is a DJ and producer based in New York. Originally from Azerbaijan, she’s lived back and forth between the US and various places in Asia. Whilst living in Tokyo she was part of the collective that programmed the Laguna Bass nights, one of the few parties in the city where contemporary club music from the UK and US could be heard. Having cut her teeth as a resident DJ there, she now runs Heat Ritual in New York City, a party that taps into the up-to-the-minute sounds of crews like NAAFI, KUNQ and Mixpak.

Ase Manual

Ase Manual is an American artist and touring musician currently based in New Jersey. He is best known for his soul-driven, fresh take on east-coast club music. In 2016 Ase Manual released Gems his debut full-length album. Gems was the first release on Like That Records, co-owned by Ase Manual and NYC-based Dj Marvelito. The Like That heads also curate Bounce Gallery, a nomadic Brooklyn monthly club/rap night He also performs regularly as a resident dj of Hot Action (NYC) and 135 the Party (Newark, Nj). In 2017 Ase Manual is planning for lots of new music and touring around the US.


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