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Hell Yeah Babies, Battery Electric, Darien Rectangle, Meghann Wright

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Aug 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Aug 12, 2017 @ 11:59pm



The Hell Yeah Babies

You've heard rumors and seen graffiti and hashtags and read think pieces theorizing that some day the boys would be back in town, and now they are. Tumbling out of a garbage train on Steinway street in a thick haze of stage smoke, these rowdy morons are a Metahuman Superpower Trio that has been naturally selected to be the ultimate riot machine. Who doesn't know their names by now from the multimillion dollar tentpole movies they're in every summer? There's Julian Ames, The Master Of Music and the Stunner Drummer. Dylan Roth, Mister Baby Blues on the bass. Finally there's Mike Pfeiffer, The midnight ass, punishing the guitar for assuming that he would some day get better at it. We say that if you want people to put down their phones then you gotta put on a show, and that's just what we'll do. It's garage glam, it's power pop, it's David Lee Roth and the Attractions using every cheap trick in the book, aiming to please and shooting to kill. It's The Hell Yeah Babies. And if the boys want to play, you better let 'em.

The Battery Electric

The Battery Electric, Sultans of Denim, born on the crest of the Denim Equinox circa 2012, decimate with sound all those who wish to deny the party smoldering within everyone! Their sound evokes a fierce horde of loyal Heathens into most righteous dance hall warfare. Each time TBE step onstage they are gloriously swathed in the power only known to rock warriors equal in ability. They're here to party. And their legion will pull you into their berserker vortex, conjured by pure rock, heart, and soul. Don’t be frightened, be hungry, and prepare to feast on the sheer sonic energy that TBE administer to their pagan congregation!

Darien Rectangle

Rock band that plays rock music. From the United States of America!

Meghann Wright

"A songstress that finds her way into all of our hearts, traveling a path paved with lost loves through a life of contrasts that can be felt and heard the moment you push play." Sammy O'Hagar, Metal Sucks


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