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Foreseen, Red Death, Razorheads, Hotheads

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Apr 23, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:00pm
$10 adv / $12 door




Foreseen is a Hardcore/crossover thrash band from Helsinki Finland, formed in 2009. The band has released 7"Ep in 2010 and a 7" split w/ Upright in January 2011. Structural Oppression 7" came out in early 2013. First Foreseen LP "Helsinki Savagery" is coming out in 2014. Following several successful EPs, including 2013's well received Structural Oppression, Finland's FORESEEN HKI now break into the international metal scene with their debut LP, Helsinki Savagery. An explosive burst of raw crossover, the band effortlessly fuse the 1980s iterations of US thrash and hardcore to create a merciless album of absolute jawbreakers. A distinctly Finnish rawness and hostility, that's been a hallmark of the countries incredible hardcore punk bands since the early '80s, pervades the LP. Bringing back a concrete toughness to thrash that's largely been missing for years, on Helsinki Savagery, FORESEEN HKI takes their place among the elite of modern crossover bands. Tracks like "Death Injection", "Bonded By United Blood" and "Both Sides Lose" are infused with a lethal urgency and unrestrained devotion to crafting ideal songs for wild, anarchic live shows.

Red Death

DC Hardcore.


Razorheads are a viciously raw d-beat hardcore band from New Brunswick, NJ. This five-piece creates an unapologetic blend of thick buzzing guitars, muddled bass lines, constant drum beatings and maniacally grunted vocals that're soaked in feedback.


New York Hardcore group.

Like NYC Headhunters, Hotheads look back at a time when New York City hardcore was reckless and raging. As their label Just A Audial mentions on their website, "New York Hardcore is devolving at an alarming rate... reverting back to the primordial mess of hyper speed riffs, garbage can drums, and consequential distortion. Before the word "punk" became a stigma for weakness and neanderthal metal reigned supreme, there was the sheer power of loud-fast-rules and slamming on the bridge. Hotheads do that. Like it or you dumb." -- Noisey


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