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Celestial Trax, Shyboi, Lil Jabba, Tazar Yoot

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May 5, 2017 @ 11:45 pm
May 6, 2017 @ 4:00am

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Celestial Trax

Brooklyn, New York based Celestial Trax has honed a beautiful and cryptic sound, where melodies wrap like blown glass around a skeleton of diamond-hard drums and sub-bass. His recent Vaxxilate EP [Rinse] nods towards the dance floor while simultaneously inviting a retreat into the self-contained space of headphones. His unique sound can recall a haunted spectral electronic beauty, charged with minimalist grime and the substantial sound system rattling bass. Inspired by raw and gritty aesthetics in club music – whether grime and early jungle, or Chicago street sounds like juke and drill – Celestial Trax’s music is, he says, “all about capturing and harnessing an energy. Using a feeling or aesthetic to create an experience and evoking something within.” Celestial Trax feels like a self-contained universe in its own right, with each track evoking a conflicted range of emotions: isolation and harshness interlaced with moments of beauty and elation. Moving to New York from London, UK, in 2014 – where he is signed to the seminal label and radio station Rinse FM, Celestial Trax has since established himself as one of the key figures in the emerging new club music scene. 2015 saw a number of diverse releases from Celestial Trax, collaborations with rappers and singers from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as him joining the New York label/taste makers Purple Tape Pedigree. 2016 will see Celestial Trax adding more live elements to his sets, further collaborations with vocalists and performers and continuing to push boundaries as a producer and as a DJ.


SHYBOI (Yulan Grant) is a Jamaican born, New York based multidisciplinary artist. SHYBOI is the moniker she uses to cause sonic disruption. As a creative positioned between Caribbean and American culture, she uses sound to interrogate ideas of identity, notions of power, perceived histories and the entanglements that happens within these topics. She is also member of the queer artist collective #KUNQ whose ethos is centered around the production of multidimensional work through sound, visual and performance art while expanding the discourse surrounding the subcultures and genres that have become diluted or obscured in the name of hybridity. SHYBOI has three Boiler Room sets under her ever widening belt as well as two performances at MoMA PS1 and is a frequent collaborator of NYC underground staples ranging from Rizzla (Fade to Mind) to Venus X. Recent sounds have been featured in Fact Mag, Thump, Rinse FM, MixMag and the Fader.

Lil Jabba

LiL JaBBA is a 23 year old Australian-born, Brooklyn-based producer, with intricate productions that range from baroque footwork to murky swamp R’n’B.

His tracks tell tales, exhibiting a refreshing disregard for convention in the name of intricacy and mutation. Rapid hi-hats morph into slow triplets; faint animal calls transform into cracking snares. Atmospheres ebb and flow like brushstrokes. Its no wonder, as Jabba is a gifted oil painter who approaches production much like painting; bold, expressive and fresh. One can think of Jabba’s tracks as accompaniments to his artwork, as they seem to take a deeper meaning when contrasted against one of his huge murky paintings. Jabba cares deeply about pushing music into new and uncharted territories, and with a painter’s mind and grotto composer’s mentality, it will be exciting to see how Jabba grows and continues to push boundaries in the years ahead.

After receiving praise and support from publications like Fact Mag, Thump, XLR8R, Fader, Resident Advisor, Mixmag & more, his evolution as a DJ and performing artist will surely turn heads in the coming months.

“Lil Jabba is pushing towards a visionary, singular sound that goes beyond the conventions of any single genre, and it will be fascinating to witness the reveal of whatever kind of primordial underground caves he unearths next.”

Tazar Yoot

Bird calls. Dance halls. Producer and DJ searing a path through the robotic jungle of late night NYC. Born for the big room floor, raised through the house party.

With his debut EP 'Thermogenesis' from GTD (Give Them Decadence), Tazar explores contrasting influences, and conflicting experiences—pulling the violent street sonics inspired from his youth as a native of Queens, New York—coupled in embrace of his Dominican lineage through the expressions of arena-sized reggaeton, fostered by the gluttonous decadence offered by New York City's downtown nightlife scene.


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