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Caretaker, Steal, Cheat & Gamble, Everest Cale, The Mells

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May 2, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
May 2, 2017 @ 11:30pm




Caretaker is a rock band from Brooklyn that formed from the ashes of several other popular Brooklyn bands. They deliver high-energy rock songs that make you want to dance just as much as they make you want to punch a hole in your wall. Long after you’ve left the venue, their melodies will get stuck in your head and their memory will be burned in your mind. They are fronted by a real-life nanny.

Steal, Cheat & Gamble

Steal, cheat & gamble. Words to love by. There ain't no danger if your passion's a corpse. Revive your reality and look deep into the corner mirror on the ceiling of the stairwell at your subway stop round midnight. Survive screaming or divide your soul to stay awake. Whatever you do- just remember to look up sometimes through a leafy branch or two and only absorb the air about your face.

Everest Cale

Named "Brooklyn's Least Brooklyn Band" by Interview Magazine, Everest Cale’s music is an amalgamation of dynamic, introspective folk tracks, ripping guitar driven rock and roll, and twangy, country love songs. This diverse catalogue of music is unified by Brett Treacy’s unique, powerful voice.

The Mells

Officially coming together in late 2015, The Mells are the brainchild of Matthew Richards who sought out the perfect creative bodies to occupy the territory of his new songs. Somewhat of a supergroup, most members are in other bands in the NYC area. They've recorded their mini-album during the blizzard of Jonas and are ready to take the fading medium of "guitar music" into a new dream of futuristic reality.


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