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Batu, Akanbi, Shy Eyez

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Aug 4, 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Aug 5, 2017 @ 4:00am




Batu is a musician and producer from Bristol, London, described by UK-based EDM record blog Juno Download as "one of several fresh talents to have emerged from the Bristol area in recent years." He has made a name for himself with his bass-heavy, distorted techno tracks. Batu recently founded the record label Timedance to promote artists who create similar "hybrids and mutations of UK techno."


AKANBI (also known as "Rave Man") first gained attention in the NYC dance music scene by being at literally every lit party dancing his ass off. He soon proved himself a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor, and in 2016 alone his party series Groovy Groovy has hosted such luminaries as Angel-HO, Nkisi, Lvis-1990, Eygptrixx, Umfang, and more, making it a must attend event for NYC rave freaks.

Shy Eyez

A DJ with a passion for bass of varying tempos and styles, Shy Eyez was born in the Netherlands and spent the majority of her childhood in Holland before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. In September 2014, Shy Eyez was given a weekly Monday happy hour gig at Bossa Nova Civic Club. "I got really lucky," she says. From only having stepped foot inside the club once (to see Henning Baer), she suddenly found herself spending quite some time in the booth. She still has her biweekly happy hours at Bossa, and most recently ventured into booking dnb/bass/breaks/non-4-2-the-floor-techno talent for her party series, BreakZ. Notable recent gigs include Discwoman, Confused House and GROOVY GROOVY, and she's appeared on both the Lot Radio and WNYU several times. Her sets lean heavily towards U.K. bass music, influenced largely by the Bristol music scene.


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