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Shawn O'Sullivan, Vapauteen/400ppm, member of Led Er Est/Further Reductions/Civil Duty.


"A Kansan by birth, Chicagoan by privilege, Olin has been quietly offering up his unique take on dance music. With several recent releases on respected labels such as Argot, Discovery, God Particle, and more, Olin has cast a wide net with his productions, which range from deep techno to italo disco. His DJ sets offer the same dynamic variety and are often long-haul, cross-genre affairs." -- Smart Bar Chicago


"NYC-based DJ with a distinctly techno POV. Known for layering and creating cacophonous walls of sounds that dissolve into banging dance floor moments, Auspex's love for mind-bending and hammer-throwing is obvious from start to finish."


Tiny Hazard

Tiny Hazard is an avant-popular band from Brooklyn, New York. Combining strategic dissonance of early 20th Century American composition and with the courage of balladeers like Bjork and Cocteau Twins, the music of Tiny Hazard is jarring and magical.


gobbinjr (lower case please) is Madison, WI-native turned lil nyc bb Emma Jerk Witmer’s unapologetic new project. Her debut album 'manalang' (again, leave your caps at home) is the blunt, peachy child of Witmer’s angsty yet sophisticated approach, creating a bedroom-panorama of earwormy, hazy melodies. While a fair amount of music relies on the spark of collaboration, gobbinjr explores the simplicity of a one-mind/one-voice songwriting process. Witmer keeps to herself, thus she kept her album to herself… writing and recording every single detail of it. The result is one individual's unfiltered, unfettered statement, something so ethereal it nearly transports you into Witmer's own daydreamy world.


Songs by Natasha Jacobs

Big Eater

Matt Bachmann's feelings.