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Big Bliss

Big Bliss formed in mid 2015 when brothers Cory (Christines, Party of Helicopters) and Tim Race (Russenorsk) began collaborating on a project with the aims of tapping into shared influences from 70's and 80's punk and post-punk. Despite Cory having a huge musical influence on Tim as kids, this is their first project together. The two collectively share about 25 years playing in separate bands. They recruited local songwriter Wallace May to play bass. Since then they've released two singles: "Ponzi" and "Constants." In early 2016, Big Bliss served as the live band for Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices, Circus Devils) and Steve Five's project/pro-Bernie Sanders PAC Crisis Actors. Big Bliss's music is often likened to 80's staples such as The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order, and newer bands such as Interpol. They were voted "Best Emerging Post-Punk Band 2015" by Deli Magazine's reader poll. Big Bliss is: Cory Race - drums Tim Race - vocals, guitar Wallace May - bass, backing vocals

Dead Stars

Dead Stars is a rock band from Brooklyn, NY who craft fuzzy, hook filled indie-pop that pairs grungy guitars with catchy melodies and big, explosive choruses. Made up of cousins Jeff Moore (guitar, vocals), Jaye Moore (drums), and longtime friend John Watterberg (bass), the band won over fans with 2014's debut LP Slumber and their most recent release, 2016's Bright Colors. The band has spent the past few years playing countless shows and touring the U.S. and are currently working on a new album.

Fat Heaven

Dogs, 40s, and Rock n' Roll


Indie garage rock from New York City. Their latest songs, Big Man and Doubting Me, were released in April 2017.