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Civilians is a seven-piece collective of musicians who met while attending the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. With three horns and a rock rhythm section, the group is full of young energy and ready to make a statement. Civilians’ goal is to combine all styles of music; their focus has been on the fusion of rock, jazz, funk, disco, and more recently, electronic music. Because each member of the band brings a unique sound to the group, their collective improvisation falls in-between the cracks of many different genres, bringing something new and exciting in every performance. Nevertheless, the musicians also understand the importance of making the crowd dance.

Trumpet / Joe Gullace Trombone / Joonas Lemetyinen Saxophone / The Blade Guitar, Vocals / Tom McCaffrey Synth, Piano / Moki Kawaguci Bass / Sean McGurl Drums / Josh Plath

Psymon Spine

Before Psymon Spine was more than a twinkle in the eye of founding members Peter Spears and Noah Prebish, and through a series of curiously well-­timed events and questionable decisions, the two found themselves headlining a European tour during their first year of college. The band's first single, "Eric's Basement & Secret Tunnels," was written while in transit through Paris, and it was after their London show that Psymon Spine was offered their first record deal. Soon after that, Parisian imprint Kitsuné asked Psymon Spine to remix Is Tropical's "Dancing Anymore" – and declared it their favorite mix of the track. Their music is, metaphorically speaking, like a stroll through a rainforest at night with a safe place to return to. Beauty permeates, but there are 1000 ways to die around every corner. Peace and violence are interdependent, and while the full emotional spectrum resides within it, the end result is optimistic – like the euphoria that follows physical exhilaration.

Sir Kn8

SIR KN8 is a rapper, writer and producer, affiliated with Show and Smell Recordings.

J-Music Ensemble

The J-MUSIC Ensemble started off as a project enacted by saxophonist Patrick Bartley, Jr., while at the Manhattan School of Music in NYC in Fall 2013. A mainly instrumental band, this project was a result of years upon years of burning desire to take the music that served as the iconic soundtrack for one of the most influential cultures in the world and put it into a new context by performing it with live, creative musicians. The J-MUSIC Ensemble makes use of the vocal nature of wind instruments as well as the dynamic force of a live rhythm section in order to bring new perspectives on the world of instrumental music.

The J-MUSIC Ensemble explores many different aspects of Japanese music ranging from modern and old-school J-Pop/J-Rock to video game and anime music, as well as exploring songs from relatively obscure artists and composers. Artists/Composers that the J-MUSIC Ensemble have covered include Perfume, Utada Hikaru, PUFFY, Do As Infinity, Bump Of Chicken, sasakure.UK, and School Food Punishment. All transcriptions and arrangements are done by members within the band.

"The challenge, of course, was to take music that was mostly electronic, entirely sampled, or just heavily edited, and bring it into a new dynamic sphere that emphasizes the human connection with the music--for the musician and the listener. By doing our best to understand the pure essence of every song we approach, and transcribing then arranging them for our unique instrumentation, we are able to deliver a force of honest, respectful, and hard-driving music that we hope reaches not just true fans of Japanese music and culture, but to those who may have never thought about this music in a serious way." - Patrick Bartley, Jr.