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AllNat is the epitome of creative control. Deeply rooted in music, AllNat brings the highest caliber of live hip-hop to the stage. Cultivating the idea in 2011, the group's foundation began with drummer- David Frazier Jr., bassist-Dominic Missana and emcees EFlat and Rich Kulture. By 2012, multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Jacobi and producer/keyboardist Paul Wilson were welcomed to the group, providing great depth to their sound. Since then AllNat has gained the attention of New York City's underground. Performing in a wide range of venues, from basement parties to well-known stages, AllNat hopes to spread their music to a variety of listeners. As a new group they strive to convey their love and knowledge for music. While actively working on their up-coming EP "Deeply Rooted" AllNat plans to embody the true essence of hip-hop culture.



ATELLER the Brooklyn based/Tel-Aviv born future beats producer seeks to redefine genres and challenge traditional song structures by transitioning from a drop, to a hip hop/spoken word verse, into a footwork dance outro.



Oddlogic aptly describes his music as "being made out of strange noises." If his DJ set assumes the amorphous, haunting quality of his production or the delicious severity of his beats, there will indeed be glory to behold.



experimental electronic beats from upstate new york


Naota is an ordinary, slightly depressed kid stuck halfway to becoming an adult. His brother has left his hometown to play baseball in America, his dad barely keeps up his family bakery, and his...



Heather Schwartz

Heather Schwartz, also known as Discarnate, wears many hats. In addition to DJing, Heather is also a photographer and co-founder of underground internet radio station Transit.FM. Based in Brooklyn, Heather has an eclectic style of mixing, ranging from footwork to ballroom, acid house to grime, and everything in between. Their biggest passion is building community through music, art, and nightlife.